Information for Companies

The domains of expertise of A&C and in particular of ERRIC project are strongly connected with industrial applications. As a consequence, strong connections with companies are very important. On the one hand it contributes to the dissemination of A&Cā€™s research results and expertise. On the other hand, the needs of the industry are very stimulating for the emergence of new research problematic. Note also that the mission of such a leading University is to contribute to the development of national economy and in particular to the competitivity of companies. To this aim, A&C needs to present itself as a leader for guaranteeing to economic actors the access to the best level of knowledge.

A&C has very strong contacts with lots of companies, some of them very famous in Romania. The faculty will use these connections and little by little initiate improve the research contracts with the industry. Knowing the Romanian context, A&C should have a proactive role in looking what kind of research the companies are looking for and proposing joint projects.

List of companies collaborating with A&C:

  • IBM
  • HP

Some of the most important companies in Bucharest have laboratories for research and training in partenership with A&C:

  • Linux IBM Competency Center
  • IBM e-Government Laboratory
  • Microsoft Inovation Center UPB
  • Cisco Academy UPB
  • Intel Student Open Lab
  • LabVIEW-National Instruments Academy
  • IxLab ā€“ IXIA
  • Oracle Laboratory
  • 3DUPB Gameloft Learning Center
  • Laboratory in partnership with Nokia
  • Laboratory in partnership with Freescale
  • Laboratory in partnership with HP
  • Laboratory in partnership with Rockwell Automation
  • Laboratory in partnership with Altran
  • Laboratory in partnership with UTI
  • Laboratory in partnership with IPA